DAF XF 106 MULTICOLOR SkinPack includes skins for:

1. DAF XF Euro 6 Super Space Cab by Schumi, SCS
2. DAF XF Euro 6 Space Aero Cab by Schumi, SCS

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My workshop in “VK”: https://vk.com/a.mikhaylov_skins

Please, keep the original link
Пожалуйста, сохраняйте оригинальную ссылку

Hope you like it
Enjoy 🙂
Best regards, A.Mikhaylov



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4 thoughts on “DAF XF106 MULTICOLOR SkinPack

  1. The file size seems a bit small for a skin pack? I think it should have been at least 1GB!!!

    1. A.Mikhaylov

      the size of the unarchived skinpack is 171 mb

      1. The_One_Over_There

        Pretty sure that if you find a skin as big as 1GB,
        There would be more in there than just a skin….

    2. i made an irony in my comment because the size of the skin package was 606 megabytes. But when I tried to download the file, I just found out that it is 606 kilobytes. I guess it was a typo issue. LOL

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