DAF XF116 Reworked v 0.6 BETA

daf-xf116-reworked-2 daf-xf116-reworked-1

YouTube preview

– Cabin bake in 4k
– Bake 90% tuning
– To remove unnecessary / kosyachny tuning
– Fixed some bugs
– Improved interior detail
– Obvovlena animation in the cabin (broken gearbox switch)
– The new shadow
– Removed interior light (temporarily)
– Fix the lower shadow (subject to minor shoals)
– Fixed a shadow on trailers
– Original DAF Sound
– a lot of Addons
– Tandem Version (Trailer standalone)
– Low Deck Version
– Low deck Trailer inlcuded (standalone)
– game Version 1.26
Please do not reupload! Thanks.

CalleCool, Playtruckcool




12 thoughts on “DAF XF116 Reworked v 0.6 BETA

  1. Mr.GermanTruck


  2. not seeing much improvement in the interior. standalone as well?

  3. HD Test 1.26…youtube.com/watch?v=KIwa03dymt8&feature=youtu.be

  4. Nice DAF.Everything works well. 😀

  5. No update mod.. All dlc have got ‘texture not found’

  6. DorleijnTruckspuiterijETS2

    can you chancge the template? its to difficult to skin the template. and can you fix the nug that you see by the dashbord outside?

    1. DorleijnTruckspuiterijETS2

      not the template but the grill

  7. when i try to copy it says error

  8. Славыч

    It does not support add-ons by SISL
    Не поддерживает аддоны от SISL

  9. DorleijnTruckspuiterijETS2

    and there is a bug with lines on the roofs

  10. beautiful mod, you should be required to state the opportunity to also have the standard of the game plate and not just those made by you, I would also add custom bar for this beautiful truck. besides this is a nice mod!

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