DAF XF95 + Tunable Interior


Here is my second release. Truck is tunable (TIR + ADR plates + interior)
Tested: 1.3.1
See YouTube tutorial: How to get daf working

Author: Robertas14

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11 Responses to DAF XF95 + Tunable Interior

  1. Jerry says:

    Robertai, tu saunuolis, tikrai gerai gaunas pas tave ) o TGA tavo isvis super (nu tik persidaziau pagal save)

  2. BITE DE FEMME says:

    Beautiful 😀 your works it’s amazing 🙂 Great job man thank’s 😉

  3. Laxi says:

    This is amazing, really. Finally someone who made 95XF. Thanks a lot, and keep doing on that truck. Keep making updates, if you know and can, put 95XF’s interior, make it great truck instead of making half of great truck 😉
    Nice job

  4. filip paska says:

    m8 awensome mod 😀

  5. MarTe says:

    Maladec, labai gražus dafas,bet geriau reikėjo padaryt tą naujesni 95 su apvalesnėm lempom,o šiaip gražu žiurėti,kad ir lietuviai kuria modus.

  6. Majza says:

    Wow :3 is this great DAF skinable ? 😛

  7. edga says:

    Geriausiaas mods su kurio teko vaziuot !

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