DAF XG+ Addon Chassis FIX MOD

Hello I am Love Gaming Ema,
I am happy to create mods for you.
Thanks for waiting:
FIX mod
This mod adds new chassis,
sorry if I make some mistakes
but I’m a new modder so I’m still learning,
I worked many hours on this mod,
I hope it works for you because on my Daf
it works perfectly, do not comment negatively
if my mod does not like it, if you have any problems
write me so i can solve them, thanks everyone for the support!
For any questions look for me on youtube!

Love Gaming Ema


12 thoughts on “DAF XG+ Addon Chassis FIX MOD

  1. you need imput 6×2 rear bumper peited

  2. AvM Transport


  3. My browser did not allow this file to be downloaded, it says it may harm the pc!

  4. Pablo Reyes Montero

    No funciona, ni con fix ni sin fix. Gracias

  5. The Fix also does not work for me.
    Where I should place the Mod to make him working?
    Which priority ?????

    1. Knalltute

      I would say on top of the priorities. You see it in the mod launcher? if not go to your Documents and the ETS2 and put the File into mod.

      1. I’ve playing yesterday over one Hour with the Priorities.
        On the Top, I have him now.
        Still the same.
        Maybe it’s another Mod, which disturbs.

        And it would be nice, if the Author can reply.
        For the Moment: DELETE 😎

  6. scooterking

    stil dont work

  7. dont work

  8. AzoraxModdingGaming

    does not work most likely because the files are locked, dont use winrar to lock mod files it breaks them if you want to lock use scs locker or something like that

  9. not working for me.

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