DAF XG+ Addon Chassis

Hello I am Love Gaming Ema,

I am happy to create mods for you,

For any questions look for me on youtube!


Love Gaming Ema


9 thoughts on “DAF XG+ Addon Chassis

  1. attackkio

    not showing in game .
    only the stock one .

  2. AvM Transport


  3. scooterking

    dont work

  4. Don’t waste your time. it is a broken mod

  5. AzoraxModdingGaming

    doesnt work

  6. He already knows about the mistake, indicating that he is looking after it

  7. lovegamingema

    Thanks for waiting:
    FIX mod
    Link Download Mod Chassis:

  8. ross thompson

    the fixed version still dose not work

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