DAF XG and XG+ Tuning

for new DAF XG and XG+ Tuning mod with slots on Grill and spoiler

GS_Design(Dennis Grelak) and SCS_Software


12 thoughts on “DAF XG and XG+ Tuning

  1. It’s made cool but you have to change something for the front of the grille because the attachment point is wrong and there are various things yellow on the upper grill

  2. what other mod do you need for the spoilers the game dont find lights at the spots in youre mod

    1. you need BOREMAN LED MARKERS

  3. and ow yeah on the grill if you choose youre mod something are green

    1. There are so much unnecessary files in tis mod. I delete all unnecessary files and i have no problems anymore.


      1. FlorinCst

        Can you give us too? Thank you

      2. Björn Liebig

        Habe leider kein Passwort für die Datei, kannst du mir helfen ? [email protected]

  4. …and the attachment points are too far from the grill 🙁

  5. Trucker22

    What I can not install lower, only at the top, what I was able to assume what’s going on?


  6. Dumb mod. Half of the things cant be even used because you need yet another mod to add lights in some spots. And all the positions are completely wrong. Pff, dont download guys, avoid it. Just wait until someone else do another extra parts mod, there will be plenty of them in near future.

  7. If i use this mod i cant place any lights or something on it. Does someone know how i fix this please?

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