Daf XG+ tunning pack by jojoLSR

Daf XG+ tunning pack by jojoLSR
In this mod find a multitude of accessories for the new DAF scs



12 thoughts on “Daf XG+ tunning pack by jojoLSR

  1. Thank you, useful mod! Works well on 1.41 experimental beta. God job 😎

    1. Not working in 1.41. its working after editing manifest.

  2. …you are right, i forget. But after this it works 😉

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test

  4. 1.41 funktionioert nicht

    1. AvM Transport

      1.41 isn’t the last OFFICIAL update. It’s still a beta.

  5. SkyOutlaw

    make the lower parts not only in chrome but also in paint

  6. dutchtruckdriver

    need a fix!

    look @ the lights on top whit paint

  7. willy1962

    thanks good mod.
    are you thinking to put bullbars in it?

  8. Please add window deflectors.chassis cover.custom rear bumper.

  9. Hello. I can’t download because it keeps showing viruses all the time, can’t you see what the problem is? Thank you very much.

  10. bonjour possible de mètre en 1.41 svp.Merci

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