DAF XT + Cab Accesories 1.21


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Daf XT Special Truck , Tested 1.21.x

– Metallic paint support
– Low Poly Shadows
– Supported Cabin Accesories DLC
– Base 50k DAF

v2 Coming Soon
Don’t Reupload please , respect developer 🙂

XT Parts , created 3dsmax
Don’t use my parts on different truck .
– Editable , ( not locked )

İsa Koyuncu , SCS , 50 keda , by_Lexa , Nikita Belkin




26 thoughts on “DAF XT + Cab Accesories 1.21

  1. Have a crash

    1. Some people using perfectly , but ım work for resolve this problem

  2. crashh please resolve the truck its beautiful pliss

    1. Some people using perfectly , but ım work for resolve this problem

  3. nportegies skins

    Mod’s piece, game keeps jamming.

  4. Oh my god … yes … Thank you!

  5. EduardFLR

    https://youtu.be/f_iv-ki7KcY hd 1080 short review only

  6. Have a crash 00:01:48.396 : Obsolete flare data definition! Absolute model path is expected.

  7. Blaziken777Sverige

    This is AWESOME!!!!
    It’s a very VERY nice mod you did there! 😀

  8. Not work. Crash.
    too many errors
    ERROR> Obsolete flare data definition
    ERROR> Incorrect rear wheel definition
    ERROR> Missing model descriptor
    ERROR> [dx9] Textures not found
    ERROR> Missing model descriptor
    ERROR> Model descriptor malformed
    Default temporary buffer is insufficient
    ERROR> model_template

    1. Some people using perfectly , but ım work for resolve this problem

  9. Blaziken777Sverige

    I just came back after testing it
    This is….
    A sick joke
    Every single ####### time i open the DAF dealer, the game crashes.
    I have one question:
    Why the #### have you done this to us 50keda? :/

    1. As Bart176 said it’s not 50keda’s mod.
      So before you open your mouth, check the facts.

      1. Blaziken777Sverige

        You’ve right
        I regret what i said, and i also feel bad for blaming it on 50 keda despite it wasn’t his/her fault
        Sorry 50 keda!

        1. It’s a guy, an he works for SCS software now.
          I’m sure he forgives you 😉

  10. The truck is based on 50K’s DAF XF, so I think 50Keda himself has nothing to do with it. Anyway, I have a game crash also when I trie to open the DAF dealership. Too bad, the truck looks awesome… 🙁

    1. Some people using perfectly , but ım work for resolve this problem

  11. I very wanted to play on it(((

  12. pl_tv_software

    DAF XT /fixed version/ https://youtu.be/MJLZDuaoWbU

  13. Please give the corrected version.

  14. Elitesquad Modz

    Nice Isa!!

  15. I love this Mod, but the game crashes after a few minutes.
    Hope there will be a fix soon.

    And maybe a skin template would be nice 🙂

  16. Pleas make a template for This truck 🙂

  17. many bug. but. AWESOME. so i wait next version. hope soon.

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