Daf XT Fixed by Solaris36


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All game log/console warnings & messages fixed.
Fixed cabin bounce.
Fixed game crashes.
Updated models in old format.
Fixed inssuficient buffer
Addons & cabin accessories dlc integrated.
Mod browser ready.
Enjoy it. 🙂

You’re free to share but please respect download link. TY 🙂

Solaris36, Isa Koyuncu, SCS, 50 Keda, by_Lexa, Nikita Belkin





24 thoughts on “Daf XT Fixed by Solaris36

    1. solaris36

      MrGerman this video doesn’t the fixed version.
      You can see a big difference on cabin bounce movement. 🙂

  1. Thank you Solaris for the fix.
    If it’s not asking too much, could you do the Iveco Strator?
    Then the Scania T would have real competition 😉

  2. Test HD Video of the fix and not as a colleague expanse of broken complete correctly


  3. RhastalordTV
  4. why only one interior?

    1. solaris36

      Hi. I only make the fixes, not model. 🙂
      TY All

  5. A template Worldoftrucks be Nice 🙂

  6. Would

  7. I would be Nice with a template 🙂

  8. nportegies skins

    Now waiting for a template, the template of 50Keda is not suitable. Just tried.

  9. -*KoLbY*-

    Hello! Can you add a template of this truck please?

  10. Nice mod ,only one problem the cab bounces about when turning with a trailer attached. Could this be rectified please.

    1. solaris36

      TY for advise.

      Works list:
      Fix cabin bounce with trailer attached (collisions desplacement I think).
      Fix 6×4 shadow.
      Maybe tuning parts…

  11. Thanks for Sharing

  12. Doktor_Psix

    Обзор на русском!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7EbtQeVklg

  13. eduardo reyes

    Daf truck model XT did not appear with the full parachques and former truck leaves the game only if they are kind tam can correct those mistakes that I mentioned?

    1. solaris36

      You must have a mods conflict. Be sure you deactivate other daf mods.
      In next version i will make the xt totally independent to prevent that problems and activate various daf trucks without errors.
      TY 🙂

  14. nigel rose

    please can you do this truck with more power, otherwise its great,thanks

  15. marcelofs

    Dear Friend
    The model is excellent and actually exists, but it was done exclusively and at the request for the company “A Jansen bv”
    and with the colors of the company. It is a model registered.
    At least would be make a skin with official colors (with that little detail it would be perfect. Inside it is correct.)
    Greetings and thanks for sharing.
    It’s a wonderful truck and excellent work!!!

  16. marcelofs

    Dear Friend,
    Additional note:
    Was constructed starting from a DAF XF 105 for this reason the interior is the same in wooden version.

  17. MaxTrucks

    Very nice mod, yet there are some minor yet fun corrupting problems with the model itself.
    1. The “XT” on the left side is misplaced.
    2. The front bumper is a bit edgy
    Also: This is absolutely subjective, but I’m not a huge fan of modded sounds.

  18. Thegolduser

    Hey could someone please make an updated version for the newest version?

    I realy love the truck

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