DAF XT Rework

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– Made Standalone
– added template
– new ao baking
– added flag dlc support
– added custom parts


If there is any problem/ recommendation please contact me at: https://www.fb.com/Azorax-Modding-338343173164582/

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20 thoughts on “DAF XT Rework

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.26… youtube.com/watch?v=RuK8LCrk-V0

  2. thanks for updating

  3. video test youtu.be/URTECpmtbZY

  4. Модель с версии 1.22.хх и ниже.
    Ошибок в логе немерено!

    Model and version 1.22.hh below.
    Errors in the log Nemer!

    1. GRMModding

      tested 1.26….. so it is not 1.22 and below!

      1. Вы, бля, дилетант и ни хрена не разбираетесь в модах и версиях игры!
        Взгляните на это и закройте свой рот, умник хренов.
        В модели записи с версии ETS2, никак не выше: 1.22.хх

        You ####### amateur and #### do not understand the fashions and versions of the game!
        Take a look at this and close your mouth, ####### nerd.
        The entry model from version ETS2, not above: 1.22.hh

    2. GRMModding

      also there is no flag dlc on 1.22

      1. game.log.txt покажите! Он весь забит жёлтыми и красными ошибками.
        Зато все горазды видео, лохам пользователям показывать и никто их сих операторов во вреия съёмки, на использует Русскую тильду “Ё” или “~”

        game.log.txt show! He scored all yellow and red bugs.
        But all much video Lohamei users to show and now nobody operators in vreiya shooting at Russian uses the tilde “E” or “~”

        1. GRMModding

          must be other mod my game log do not show errors

          1. GRMModding ! Не грузи людям лапшу на уши, а лучше пришли лог.
            We do not ship to deceive people, but rather came to the log.

          2. GRMModding

            i checked my log im only getting problem with 1 trailer dont see nowthing with daf xt

  5. GRMModding!
    Вы, наверное не знаете где находится – game.log.txt !!!
    Полюбуйтесь ка на это:
    И это ещё не всё. По мере исправления этих ошибок, будут возникать другие. И так далее по мере их устранения.
    А Вы, говорите что у Вас, журнал чистый.
    Не надо людям нагло врать.
    Если не разбираетесь в игре, то сидите и тихо сопите в тряпочку. Вот так.

    You probably do not know where – game.log.txt !!!
    And that is not all. As the correction of these errors will occur other. And so on, as they eliminate.
    And you say that you clean the log.
    Do not blatantly lie to the people.
    If you do not understand the game, then sit quietly sopite in a rag. Like this.

    1. GRMModding

      i know where game.log is! ive been playing ETS2 for 3-4 years how dare you be so disrespectful!

  6. GRMModding!
    Эта модель, судя по ошибкам в логе, нуждается в ZModeler3, версии 3 и не ниже.

    This model, according to the errors in the log, needs ZModeler3, version 3 or later.

    1. GRMModding

      i do use zmodeler 3 version 3.1.2 so dont lie about game.log i checked my game.log and nothing wrong with daf.xt

      1. GRMModding

        http://imgur.com/jNKJcUR here is the proof of zmodeler 3.1.2

  7. dude the game is over 4 years old and its a rework ### u get nothing here ur just nother kid tryed to make a name for ur self u want a good mod put some time in it

    1. GRMModding

      sure if 20 and i’m a kid you have to be atleast 40…… plus you probably dont even mod….. but im sure i heard your name somewhere on facebook if i remember correctly you’re a cocky kid who thinks he can scare others and get truck drivers on them if he gets upset

    2. GRMModding

      ah thats right Mr. Craig Hill

  8. love the rig and it still works in 1.30 also got it to work in ats as well

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