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– Standalone
– Interior
– 8 Cabin
– Tested 1.21.1

Author: voyna


23 Responses to DAF XT

  1. Антон says:


  2. Антон says:

    Здравствуй, Жаба

  3. HeavelsT says:

    ### is this
    so bad

  4. Maestro Rui says:

    FINALLY! I thought I was never going to drive one of these in ETS2 anymore. Now it’s only the Iveco strator that’s missing.
    Thank you very much fot this.

    • GadreeL says:

      Yeah, also i think Strator is better than XT. i love Strator more than XT or T-Cab.

  5. townterrier says:

    great this, got released to certain few in a facebook group and some rat has shared it….great community guys n gals….you wonder why modders keep their work to themselves and not share it

    • Faelandaea says:

      Actually … one look at that screenshot and I wish that NO one had shared that thing.

  6. Voyna says:

    Эту модель делал я , поделился в контакте, ее залили сюда без моего разрешения .

  7. AlexCrazy says:

    Real author is 50Keda, and some corrections by vovangt4
    ### is voyna?

    • TheGamer3939 says:

      Because this truck is so ugly, and it doesn’t look like the real XT o.O

  8. BearGrylls says:

    Test review 1080/50 https://youtu.be/oJ_D2DvvKQI

  9. Doktor_Psix says:

    Что то знакомый почерк работы!

  10. RobViguurs says:

    Showcase of this mod and other Daf, youre most welcome to look and like! Thanks

  11. The Flying Dutchman says:

    this is great. the new DAF XT. I will more truck shops for this model.

  12. Rantos says:

    Doesn’t even look like the original truck. Pity.

  13. 44th MAC Bagger says:

    a bit more work invested and take the look a bit more to the Original….
    with bit more parts to change optik and i think it was gone to a good and popular Mod :-).
    Move your A..s and do it 🙂 and show your Performence by your self buddy

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