Damage Panel + No Damage (Optional)


This mod is a modified Damage Panel
+ No damage included in rar file

Slymanu , Ets2


5 Responses to Damage Panel + No Damage (Optional)

  1. klever says:

    Hi. If you make a “game_data.sii” file you have to know how big is the
    Russian_Open_Spaces_v2.2__1.18.1_ on the world map.
    Otherwise it seems the furthest city.The No Damage mod will be the last and to be replaced the original.

  2. geraldas says:

    no damage not working

  3. assayaro says:

    not working in

  4. Slymanu says:

    Why not working ?
    I have ETS2 & DLC Going East
    My Mod work perfect
    If u have other mod or Map Pack look inside because
    there is a probably conflict

  5. Helmax says:

    It didn’t work for me either, but I got it to work when I change the name of the scs-file, so it is the last mod in the mods folder. I named it to zzzzzzzzzzNoDamage.scs, or something like that, and then it worked.

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