Dang Feng V1.3


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Hello to all
The Dong Feng trucks made ​​by Hempam Group
This Mod Replace with DAF Truck
Without Interior

hamd30, parsa.scs, mehdig, musave_1376, mohammad_92, b!bak, ARMAN.Eсаул01


9 thoughts on “Dang Feng V1.3

  1. Sarkissian

    You should make it STAND ALONE!!!
    NOT replace another truck!
    So will not download your Dong! lol

    1. I agree about standalone, I don’t download replacing models myself as well. As for Dong and laugh, I disagree. Yeah, we used to make laughs about China before. Now we use their PCs, we use their mobile phones, hells, every device you possess is probably made in China. Soon it will be a car too. It will fit well with your Chinese clothes and shoes. 🙂 Of course, same goes for truckers. They will, almost all, do that Ding Dong soon.

      1. He laughed because of the slang use of the word “Dong”, though he could also laugh at the Chinese truck, it’s poorly manufactured and doesn’t shine in any aspect above European competitors besides buying price.

        While there are amazing Chinese companies such as Huawei who have taken over the world with their services, so much so that the US government got nervous how many Chinese components are in worldwide comms networks, but Chinese vehicles, even the luxury class, disappoint.

        1. Yeah, but that’s how Japanese have started, followed by Koreans afterwards. 😉

  2. johnnytrucker

    This is a #### chinese copy of the ORIGINAL Japanese built to perfection the UD Quon, remember that guys.

  3. Dang Feng wang dang ting ding wing ning ring ding 😀

    1. @dr_jaymz

      XD ding dong won ton shan gai

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