Dangerous turn lights fix others maps 1.24.X


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Hi guys. Juando the Russian Open Spaces, I realized that I did not recognize textures, and as I personally quite like this mod, I’ve corrected to be functional also with that map.

Thus to continue doing kilometers with well marked at night especially curves.

P.S. If there is any map that does not work, warn to try to adapt.

Author of the original mod: satan 1990
Modified by: Solaris36 and Rockeropasiempre.

File Weight: 510 Kb

Respect original link the author please.

Autor del mod original: satan 1990 Modif.: Solaris36 y Rockeropasiempre.


5 Responses to Dangerous turn lights fix others maps 1.24.X

  1. SlavikSD says:

    At night to sleep)))

  2. Speedy812 says:

    goes mod on Scandinavia?

  3. Chadziq says:

    compatible with map dlc scandinavia ?

  4. EREN YAZICI says:

    is it working Promods

  5. spartacus33 says:

    it’s just a turn light guys… work with all mods !!!

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