Dangerous turn lights for Stable Version 1.30.XX

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Dangerous turn lights For Stable Version 1.30.XX

You will have noticed that after updating the game to the final version 1.30.XX, the mod stopped working. This is the stable version, which now works perfectly.
All the files adapted to the new version, and conversion of old files .pmg and. mat, updateds.

(Special thanks to Blaquides;))

Author: Satan1990. Subsequent modifications Solaris36, Blaquides, Rockeropasiempre.

Weight of the file 556 KB




7 thoughts on “Dangerous turn lights for Stable Version 1.30.XX

  1. Thanks for this!

  2. Billy0815

    Hi, do i need another mod to get this working? The signs are red now.

    1. Rockeropasiempre

      That happens either because you do not have the game fully updated, or because it makes you conflict with another mod. As you can see, I have recorded a video with the current version and the mod in operation and they look perfectly.
      In case you have another version of the game different from the stable 1.30, go to the YouTube channel and search my videos for the previous versions.

      Thanks and best regards

      1. Billy0815

        Thanks for your reply. I have this issue only in france. In the console there’s a error that the fr sgin isn’t the right version. In other countries it seems to work. Even on the rusmap. I run the game on the latest 1.30 version btw.

  3. Rockeropasiempre

    Thanks to you, friend, for the comment.


  4. May I ask what about the single arrows danger signs they don’t light up? I love this mod from when it first came out. I like to see the single arrows signs to be light up again from this mod Dangerous turn lights v1.1 from the pic.

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