Daniels Random Events [1.48]

– Compatibility for 1.48

– This mod adds over 450 different new random events to appear on the roads in ETS2.
– There are many different types of events ranging all the way from car accidents to asphalt patches and from trailer fires to breakdowns.
– All of the events are dynamic in one way or another so they are slightly different each time they spawn.
– All of the events have different rarity levels depending on the type of event so some events will spawn more often than others.

Other Changes:
– Added retroreflective strips to the traffic cones and roadwork barriers to make them more realistic and easier to be seen at night.
– I have also tweaked the flares for the blinking lights on the cones and roadwork barriers to make them bigger and easier to see at night.
– Improved the tapers on the default single lane roadwork random events.
– Added collisions to the asphalt patches.



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  1. FAKE
    original is STILL for v1.47 at scs forum

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