Danish Bumper


Version 1.4 and higher
Mod included an Danish rear bumper for 50keda’s Scania R2008, lowered chassis and new steel wheels.

Authors: 50Keda, GT-Mike, ComandoreOne


23 Responses to Danish Bumper

  1. GT-Mike says:

    This mod is made for 50keda’s truck. But mod itself was done by me (GT-Mike) and ComandoreOne so please give propper credits.

  2. Trotiev says:

    Wrong credits !!!

    It’s by GT-Mike. Only the Scania by 50k

    “-Mod created by GT-Mike and ComandoreOne
    -Chasis models reworked: GT-Mike (original by 50keda)
    -High quality HD light textures: ComandoreOne
    -Prefabs and Textures: SCS Software
    -3D Program – Blender with Blender2SCS addon by: 50keda”

    • Baba says:

      and a lot of red ERRORS

      by GT-Mike and ComandoreOne

      • Madatij says:

        I don’t find any red errors… Maybe a mod conflict?

        p.s.: I use kedas V2 r2008 mod and my game is 1.4.8s

  3. bluemanc says:

    More mods for the Scania R2008 please..

  4. Toft_N says:

    Can you make a license plate to this truck as we can paint self.

    Sorry for my english….

  5. Toft_N says:

    Can you make a license plate only for this truck as we can paint self…?

    Sorry for my english..

  6. Helm3x says:

    license plate is the original of the SCS, which country started the game so you have a plate

    • Michael Fase says:

      he wants a license plate that is stuck on there and that you can change yourself in the color.dds file

  7. Hotrodder says:

    so far I like it. any chance of making things like these for the other trucks ingame?

  8. 87granny says:

    Edit without the exe.

  9. paulo félix says:

    hello goodnight
    I would like to know what is necessary to put this mod to work??

  10. 87granny says:

    Download the mod you also need the original Scania by keda and the add-on what I did was add zzzz to the front of this and zzz to keda’s original mod and it worked

  11. Scani 111 super says:

    Worked perfectly, thanks GT-Mike,and Comandoreone.

  12. paulo félix says:

    the files of this mod 87granny??

  13. jspr25 says:

    make it olso for 2009 model

  14. paulo félix says:

    I can indicate the links of the mods needed to put this mod to work please??

  15. MattV8_730 says:

    Where find the lights of the bumper ?

  16. jesus says:

    you could convert it to scania r 2009, I need answer please

  17. Dany says:

    work for 1.7 ?

  18. jesus says:

    yes, for scania 2009 and scania v8

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