Danish Interior + Exterior for Scania RJL 4 Serie

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Hello, Red Pluche Interior for Scania RJL 4 serie.
P. Bjarne Andersen Logos
Not the best quali
Have fun

therealleok, leonardodescania


5 thoughts on “Danish Interior + Exterior for Scania RJL 4 Serie

  1. süleyman

    araba güzel ama indirmesini bilmiyorum deniyorum

  2. süleyman

    çok güzell

    1. süleyman

      No swearing. If you’re angry of something – ignore it or contact with ETS2.LT team.

  3. hallo, but I want to trailer skin Hedmark

    1. leonardodescania

      Okay dude, i will Upload the trailer later. It’s for the NTM Trailer, I can tell you

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