Dark Interior Kamaz 5490 neo v.0.8

Interior for Kamaz 5490 neo (beta).
SiSL’s Mega Pack is required to install accessories.
v. 1.39.x.
Engine sound in video – Mercedes Actros MP2/MP3 V6 sound mod (Max2712).


DOWNLOAD 10 MB [mirror]

3 thoughts on “Dark Interior Kamaz 5490 neo v.0.8

  1. da haben wir mal das interior von Mercedes Benz verbaut, du bekommst Ärger, wenn du das nicht raus nimmst.

    1. Why are you so ###### ??????? This is a real truck Kamaz 5490 neo, assembled on the basis of Mercedes-Benz Actros !!!!!!!
      I don’t have the energy to deal with crazy people anymore !

    2. Do you follow me to every website ? You need to be treated.

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