Dashboard Indicators for Scania RS by RJL (SD&HD)


Indicators for dashboard Scania RS v1.3 by RJL. Only for EU.

List of added indicators:
1) Low beam
2) Parking lights
3) Aux lights
4) Fuel, water, oil warnings
5) Lift axle
6) Retarder
7) Non modal damage
8) Critical damage

Tested on: 1.18.1s

Main link – HD version
Additional link – SD version

davidzoli, Shineslip


24 Responses to Dashboard Indicators for Scania RS by RJL (SD&HD)

  1. Tasja says:

    Thx for updating it to the v1.3 of RJL.
    Works perfect, no more interior bugs. πŸ˜‰

  2. EnzO says:

    thank dude πŸ˜‰

  3. wegger says:


  4. Riddick says:

    Great mod! Thanks! )))

  5. adinhoa says:

    Now it’s working with Tuning for Scania RS by RJL v3.0 ?

    • Shineslip says:

      Yeap. Don’t forget place mod after rjl and tuning mods.

  6. pietrucha132 says:

    How it works? Adds new interior or overrides existing? It doesn’t work.

  7. Seidelon says:

    Can you make a beige/brown interior for Scania RJL please? i cant find a good interior for Scania RJL:(

  8. Max says:

    it doesn’t work for me, i only use pro mods map mod.

    I drive the scania streamline with the “exclusive v8” interiors but no indicators are shown.

    with the 1.16.x versione i get the indicators but the texture for the steering whell of the V8 interiors isn’t updated.

    Any suggestions?

  9. octy says:

    please add a video install because not work πŸ™ i added in mod folder after I activated….please help

  10. matpol98 says:

    Possible to update it to the newer version? Same with the one for the T series πŸ™‚

  11. Reece says:

    An update would be nice! missing this modification πŸ™

    • matpol98 says:

      Yeah, dont realy enjoy the Scania without this. Wish SCS actualy added these usefull indicators to all trucks, and not just the new ones like Mercedes and Daf…

  12. Theosz says:

    can use or is unnecessary for RJL v1.4?

    • matpol98 says:

      Dont believe so, not sure if it was either the ets vresion (1.19 when i tested) or if it was the truck…

  13. Jocesz says:

    Hy! Another version for 1.14 rjl? Please!

  14. Jocesz says:

    Sry! 1.41 rjl….

  15. matpol98 says:

    Still waiting for an update…

  16. jean-pierre says:

    good morning,i search dashboard indicators for my R 730 RJL that’s possible please?

  17. jean-pierre says:

    sorry, i forgot i play in 1.22 version

  18. honx says:

    need an update which works in 1.25, pls!

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