Dashboard Indicators for Scania T by RJL (SD&HD)


Indicators for dashboard Scania T v1.6 by RJL. Only for EU.

List of added indicators:
1) Low beam
2) Parking lights
3) Aux lights
4) Fuel, water, oil warnings
5) Lift axle
6) Retarder
7) Non modal damage
8) Critical damage

Tested on: 1.18.1s

Main link – HD version
Additional link – SD version

davidzoli, Shineslip


10 Responses to Dashboard Indicators for Scania T by RJL (SD&HD)

  1. Mitchell says:

    Hello can you gif my the download link to this scania t 1.6

  2. Ghostrider2800 says:

    Can pls update this mod for game v1.19 pls?

  3. Giova2892 says:

    Can someone update this mod for Scania T Mod V1.7.1.
    Ty, and have a nice holiday.

  4. Ghostrider2800 says:

    Is it possible to update this mod to RJL`S newest Scnia RS&T?

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