DAV De Vries

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truck 1.31 adapts smoothly any good fun is definitely not a fake mode please add video shooters video



32 thoughts on “DAV De Vries

  1. DAF Trucker GER

    Fake and Report!

    1. yasin.calim

      contact me at my facebook address https://www.facebook.com/yasin.calim

  2. yasin.calim

    I really apologize for forgetting to write other producers credits jon-ruda, COne, Alang7, Alexart,Yasin.calim

  3. DAF Trucker GER

    and the uploader? EverestY ??

    1. yasin.calim

      I do not really lie my old nick

    2. yasin.calim

      1.31 video loading

  4. yasin.calim

    Please try somebody and you will see that the video is not a fake

  5. DAF Trucker GER

    ah i look in the folder, mod discription, mainfest, u have only change the name in the folders, i mean your name yasin.calim, not more? u stole this mod.

    1. yasin.calim

      what I play is just version adapted

    2. yasin.calim

      you are talking ridiculous this mode was working at 1.24 I made the new version adaptation

    3. Kevin Naldony

      this mod is already free since years! Stop talking ####!

  6. DAF Trucker GER

    yaya, in the old mod (de vries) is is not your name

    1. yasin.calim

      I still fix 1.31 e old modes, please download and use my modes

      1. DAF Trucker GER


        1. @DAF Trucker Ger – What is your problem with this? Still haven’t understood.

  7. yasin.calim

    sister why do not you want to understand just make a fix

  8. Germans Play

    bro, you write it Daf not Dav

    1. yasin.calim

      I found him later, sorry

  9. TruckerOne

    Fix? wheels bad, lights bad, obsolete atributes, error warnings….
    What fix?

    1. yasin.calim

      I just made the fix, it does not work in the old version, you can look at videos from YouTube

      1. TruckerOne

        You only add 2 lines in the dealer definition file!!!
        What fix!!!

        1. If you know how to do it better, than do it and stop taking #### of this guy

  10. Xiao Qunlong

    I have looked at the module file.
    The dealer’s SII does have an update.
    But this is not enough.
    Your update is not complete enough.
    There are still some errors.
    Please work hard to complete.

  11. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.31

  12. Lilo is Good

    I adore you determination, but still I will not download it.

  13. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video test here youtu.be/POa_zxQwMYg … Nice mod but good year wheels is bugged 🙂

  14. enisteinovasyon

    emeğine yüreğine sağlık Sn.Yasin CALIM kardeşim EYVALLAH.

    1 kaç minik hata veriyor.tekrar kontrol etme şansınız var ise bizleri mutlu edersiniz . 😉
    bu efsane modu güncellediğiniz için tekrar tekrar tşk.ederim.

  15. FoxOnTheBox

    Lovely DAF, Noticed a problem with the wheels though.

    HD VIdeo – youtube.com/watch?v=aF3K0_xl4TE

  16. Richard Bakker



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