Daytime lights on fog light

Daytime lights on fog light

New addon, fog light with technology daytime light tested on version 1.18

Authors: 50k, Savoyard Custom


9 thoughts on “Daytime lights on fog light

  1. CrokCRok422

    Is that Sunshield private?

  2. Truck is private? :/

  3. Shogoon1984

    can you make a Video please?

  4. Oudewater8

    Great mod!! Very nice. Can you make the same daytime lights with the michelin man?

  5. is not working i try this mod but lights not on

  6. Hi, Fog lights do not light at the Bullen catcher

  7. New link
    Work very weel in my game ! SavC

    1. *well 🙂

  8. New link please!!

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