DB Schenker Ekeri Scania RJL Skin

This is a skin for ekeri scania rjl.
I did skin for only “swedish” trailer.
You need:
Ekeri Addon Scania RJL
Ekeri semi trailer
Ekeri Tandem Addon

If you want to upload in other site

Kast, RJL, SCS, AddyJ


9 Responses to DB Schenker Ekeri Scania RJL Skin

  1. melios says:

    Very nice…..i cant find this lift back door…..why? what box i must choose? Thanks

    • adisaktrucker says:

      Choose Ekeri Box 4,4 (Truckpaint)
      Lift can choose from front of the truck.

  2. melios says:

    Thnks for your reply…. What do you mean “Lift can choose from front of the truck.” ?
    How? please help !!!

    • adisaktrucker says:

      Front of the truck when you can choose the grill, light, then you will see a dot behide the back wheel.

      • melios says:

        I did it…thanks for your help….but my trailer is one meter back…..with space.,….why ?

        • Mike says:

          probably because you haven’t updated to latest version, that issue was way back….

  3. Mike says:

    nice, will try it !

  4. melios says:

    link please for “Ekeri semi trailer ” ???

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