DB Schenker Ekeri Scania RJL Skin

This is a skin for ekeri scania rjl.
I did skin for only “swedish” trailer.
You need:
Ekeri Addon Scania RJL
Ekeri semi trailer
Ekeri Tandem Addon

If you want to upload in other site

Kast, RJL, SCS, AddyJ


9 thoughts on “DB Schenker Ekeri Scania RJL Skin

  1. Very nice…..i cant find this lift back door…..why? what box i must choose? Thanks

    1. adisaktrucker

      Choose Ekeri Box 4,4 (Truckpaint)
      Lift can choose from front of the truck.

  2. Thnks for your reply…. What do you mean “Lift can choose from front of the truck.” ?
    How? please help !!!

    1. adisaktrucker

      Front of the truck when you can choose the grill, light, then you will see a dot behide the back wheel.

      1. I did it…thanks for your help….but my trailer is one meter back…..with space.,….why ?

        1. probably because you haven’t updated to latest version, that issue was way back….

          1. All is updated….game …..mod….

  3. nice, will try it !

  4. link please for “Ekeri semi trailer ” ???

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