DC Comics Trailers Pack

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DC Comic Trailer Pack for the schmitz S.KO trailer by Rommi TZ
Tested on 1.25 & all was fine. Stanalone & has its own cargo (12 tons of comics)

trailer pack features the Logo’s from 2005, 2012 & 2016

but if you would like just a individual trailer the likes are below

2005 Logo : http://sharemods.com/s3bpr9jme9mn/DC_Comics_2005_Trailer.scs.html

2012 Logo: http://sharemods.com/ejdzuxp6f7w7/DC_Comics_2012_Trailer.scs.html

2016 Logo: http://sharemods.com/dyylgbfqyk1r/DC_Comics_2016_Trailer.scs.html

hope you enjoy

Author: Novy313


2 thoughts on “DC Comics Trailers Pack

  1. scania_dragon

    Have you ever seen those kind of trailer-skin in the real traffic ?

    1. ill be honest, no. these are from my imagination and thought they would be a fun trailer for hauling

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