Dealer fix for BMW X6 M50D

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Dealer fix for “BMW X6 M50D by MarcMods, RTA Team, HD Truck Team”

You can buy this car from Iveco dealers.

Place above the original mod in mod manager.

Compatible for: 1.32.x



5 Responses to Dealer fix for BMW X6 M50D

  1. chris says:


  2. JGaming HD says:

    Hd video 1.32…

  3. Mariuus says:

    No work no exit dealer ship

  4. mehrab rjl 8000 says:

    deTbiT always suck 😐

  5. deTbiT says:

    This is for who cannot be able to buy this car. As you can see in my video I can use it without any problem. Actually I don’t know how but I suggest remove your game.log.txt file and try again. This mod needs more ram than others.

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