Dealer fix for DAF Evo Wing

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Dealer fix for “DAF Evo Wing by Geovane Rocha”

You can buy this truck from DAF dealers.

– Original trailer for this truck added.
– Original wheels and rims added.
– Log isn’t clear but errors fixed as much as possible.
– Dashboard replaced with XF105 Euro 6 so no more crashes.

Place above the original mod in mod manager.

Compatible for: 1.31.x



6 Responses to Dealer fix for DAF Evo Wing

  1. zoso says:

    Why did you write only your addresses ???
    This is an old truck that we all know and you are not the original author.
    It would be correct to respect the Modders and you did not even ask for permission for the modification.
    The author is: SCS, jr65

    • deTbiT says:

      Did you even read the descriptions? I wrote “Dealer fix for “DAF Evo Wing by Geovane Rocha””

      I am the author of the fix only and my fixes needs to original mods to work. So I am modify the game to run this original mods. Is it clear?

  2. RudeTrucker says:

    Hahahahaaaaaa haaaaaa hahaha WTF is this? ))) Asian dreams of DAF XF )))) And this wheels …. aaaaaa )))

  3. peter says:

    Not Work on 1.32.

    • JoachimK says:

      It´s normal.
      ALL this f*****g “Fixes” from this Guy and sdonbass are only Spam.
      I´ve trying some and every does NOT work. 🙁

      • deTbiT says:

        I see only spam on this thread is your message. My fixes works with the original mods. If you install its with proper way, there is no problem with the fixes. Learn how to install them or just kindly ask for it. peter said that it’s not working on 1.32 because of this fix was for 1.31. So wrong post to make it down. Sorry for the late answer.

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