Dealer fix for Mercedes Benz O403 v 1.3

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Dealer fix for “Mercedes-Benz O 403 by Muhammet ŞNL”

You can buy this bus from all of the dealers.

v1.3 changelog:
– Use “Type B” Trailer for using with deTbiT Terminal Mod.

v1.2 changelog:
– Front glass glare effect fixed.
– Green line removed from front window.
– Old Kamil Koc skin added.
– New Kamil Koc skin replaced for Fındıkkale.
– You can buy this bus via online dealer now.
– Retarder sound added.
– Blinker Sound changed.

Place above the original mod in mod manager.

Compatible for: 1.32.x



3 thoughts on “Dealer fix for Mercedes Benz O403 v 1.3

  1. please remove wipers, it deface its appearance from interior

  2. The way does not work. It crashes when I try to buy the bus!
    And I use the version 1.32!

    1. That’s mean you do something wrong. Maybe because of other mods.

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