Dealer fix for Scania Touring HD 1.33

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Dealer fix for “Scania Touring HD”

You can buy this vehicle from Scania dealers.

Place above the original mod in mod manager.

Credits:[normal] Hüsni_1210, Zeeuwse (Steering Wheel)

Compatible for: 1.32.x – 1.33.x

For ATS:



16 thoughts on “Dealer fix for Scania Touring HD 1.33

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.33…

  2. niebieskilee

    Hi deTbiT, can you modify the number plate to match with the in-game license number?

  3. Bernard Wolf

    Or+repair+my+scania+truck . My game version is 1.32

  4. Bernard Wolf

    My game crashes if I go to any scania dealer or repair scania truck my game version 1.32

  5. Lol only fix a def and upload whole mod? Gonna report this

    1. Lol only came here and write a message without knowledge? That’s not my style to fix def. Download the original mod and my fix, and then check the files one by one. Ofcourse if you know how to do it. I’m waiting your apologize.

      1. deTbiT could you help me pls.

        when i download the mods andi go to a scania dealer it straight up crashes it i have it on: temporary_1_32 – 1.32.x for incompatible mods, do you know why it fails

  6. Sadly game still crashes…

  7. Thulani Mashura

    Hie deTbiT the dealer fix seems not working, the game is still crashing whenever i try to customize configuration when purchasing trucks.

  8. The skin is not applied and the window is black.

  9. how to install this i’m still new

  10. this+bus+fly+to+afrika+nd+crash+the+game+…+bad+fix+not+recomment+to+waste+time+download+…+already+first+priotie+..

  11. Møhãmëd


  12. my games crash when I want to customize my bus

  13. Crazy luthfi

    I love mamank husni ?

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