Deleted trailers by SCS v1.1


Mod deletes trailers by SCS.
Mod tested and working on v1.21 and 1.22


DOWNLOAD 62 KB [uploadfiles]
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17 thoughts on “Deleted trailers by SCS v1.1

  1. KiLLer Modding

    delete what?

    1. Use it if you have a lot of trailer mods

  2. Russian beast

    Delete why? What for?

  3. I think this mod is for mod that we can get the trailers we want

  4. nujnyi mod,if you use the pack by Jazzycat

  5. It deletes the SCS Trailers from the freight market. Then you get more trailers from foreign mods.

  6. Awesome, thanks

  7. K-whopper

    thank you. i like

  8. Now I’m using this mod, it’s Fing good to play it with jazzycat trailer pack! Now we are able to get those trailers in the pack which we could never see them before!

  9. Best trailer mod ever! Thank you for your perfect work!

  10. Aventador

    is it delete also from traffic scs trailers or only in freight market?

  11. For some reasson the mod doesnt delet all the trailers, I still get a lot of “low bad”/flat trailer that are 100% not in any other mod but a difult SCS ones.

  12. kevin60927

    Thank you for making this awesome mod,Now I can use jazzcat trailers

  13. Nice thanks Satan19990 you a best mod maker!!

  14. Thank you so much I was looking all over for something like this

    many thanks and thumbs up Tested working on 1.26.2s /6/12/16

    Please keep this mod alive and updated

    thank you

  15. does this work for ATS?

  16. PLEASE update this mod!!!!! ❤️❤️

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