Deleted Trailers by SCS


Mod deletes Trailers by SCS from game
Working for all game versions

Author: satan19990


53 thoughts on “Deleted Trailers by SCS

  1. ???

  2. portocalaa

    ###:)) what is this:))))))))

  3. Andis_Kreps

    What fun for this? If not trailers, than can’t earn money!

    1. 1st brainless

    2. it its for remove trailers that aren’t mods, i mean you can insert (install) standalone trailers mods

  4. I think it removes all SCS trailers so you can use your mod ones instead.

  5. I don’t understand, why would you download a mod like this? ( No Loads No Money )

    1. If you think about it, it removes SCS trailers so you can use Standalone mod trailers. Its not that hard to figure out! -_-

      1. Sure but what about if you are using trailer mods that replace default scs trailers?
        Not a smart mod if you ask me.

        1. Then don’t use the mod! Its simple. And I know a mod out there that sets the trailers only to Aero-Dynamic, Shmitz and coolliner. So there is an answer to everything.

    2. 2nd brainless

      1. Very well said Trucker Richy.

        Maximum Respect to you dude.

  6. satan19990

    Its something for ppl who buring niemal scs trailes and want only traikers from moda. I think its Simple…

    1. MirmoZibang

      I didn’t think about that ! great job ! Thank you

  7. Martinchik

    Write some word of describtion .
    Is this so difficult ? ? ? please delite posts without any describtion

    1. youre a drip.

    2. right. satan19990 is very uncommunicative

    3. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. It only takes 2 seconds of thinking.

  8. kursadžija

    Because if you want to use only standalone trailers and packs.

  9. Satan, błagam przestań uprawiać taki ponglish jak w poście z 17:01.

  10. satan19990

    Martin, yeah because its so hard to use brain… Its so Simple, mód for no traikers=use moda, thats all.

    1. XD. I agree with you! Thanks for mods^^

    2. Satan. Have you got a mod for no truck no map and no drivers in ets2 Thanks!

      1. Shaan E Millat

        @mercure: best one! XD

  11. thank you thank you ive been waiting for a mod like this because i like to use mods with trailers that you see eveyrday up and down our roads weather in the UK or Europe thanks satan 19990

  12. For those that don’t understand, and for SCS in case someone reads this, this mod basically means that the trailers that come with the game are, in general, NOT liked, that’s why people download mods of trailers that look like the ones you see on the road, which also means they don’t want to use the ones that comes with the game.

    As personal experience, after downloading several trailer mods, I always look for those and try to avoid the ones in the game when picking a job, so this mod does a good job on this.

    Thanks for sharing.

    PS: The sad part about this is that the trailer models from mods should be ingame, either by default or by official DLCs… and mods should be more about skins, fixes here and there… not a completely new, well-done trailer, because the game uses a weird model that almost doesn’t exist on the road. It’s amazing how well they reproduced the truck models, but didn’t focus on the trailers, something VERY important.

  13. Thanks Satan19990

    With or without description this mod pretty much speaks for itself 😉

  14. good job, TYVMuch

  15. RastyIvanovic

    Guys u can download standalone trailer, so this mod is good for modders.

  16. Experimental Trucker

    Hello. I guess it all comes down to licensing or getting permission/approval to use real company trucks/trailers in the game.

    For example, After all this time, trucks/truck dealer ‘Majestic’ has yet to be switched to ‘Mercedes Benz’. The other truck manufacturers have agreed to have their truck/name in the game. for some reason, Mercedes Benz hasn’t.

    Can you imagine the time & effort & possible long delays it would take if SCS were to try to get permission/approval to use the names of every or the majority of real companies that exists out there?

    SCS has covered themselves from problems/liability with making the game with fictional companies & trailers. All the different mods containing Non-fiction items, SCS doesn’t take responsibility for.

    Remember, just about 99% of us sees this at the bottom of the screen when we start the game,

    ‘The game contains unauthorized modifications. No support is available for modified game. In case of problems or crashes try to remove your mod packs.’

  17. Some trailers and some trailers pack do not replace the original trailers. They are standalone and increase the trailers available, so you can still have the standard trailers.

    On the other hand, there are trailers (packs) that replace some default as created by Maryva. just need to see the info: replace Posped, replace Trameri…

  18. Have respect for all the Modders.

    Ciao Ciao

  19. AmericanTrucker

    Can you make one were it delete just the flatbed and tanker?

  20. A meaningless mod and a lot of arrogant people who think that way “i am too intelligent and dont need to explain anything.” BE NICE, DONT ACT LIKE A..HOLE.

  21. This is a modding share platform. And share with users your mods’s details… Is that really hard for your super brains???

  22. Experimental Trucker

    Hello. Had to correct myself in my previous post. I meant to say that it took a some time before Mercedes Benz gave approval to use their name & likeness. I think ‘Majestic’ was the last truck/truck dealership to switch to Mercedes Benz.

  23. Faelandaea

    For those having a hard time understanding what this mod does, let me lend a hand:

    “Mod deletes Trailers by SCS from game”

    It’s hard to see, I know, but it is located right below the picture. If needed, I will take a screenshot and circle it for those in need. No, I am not being a ####. I am simply helping those who seem to have missed the self-explanatory description and proceeded to get very angry in response here. No thanks are necessary – I already know this helped.

    For those who are interested, I use Jazzy’s awesome mod packs. This works really well with those packs in all aspects. Now I do know that Jazzy’s packs do call on the default Flatbeds with custom loads, but that can easily be fixed by re-adding those in a mod, which I had done already for another purpose, so this worked out beautifully.

    Thanks for another great mod, Satan 🙂

  24. very interesting mod, because i’m never take the SCS trailers, only standalone my market is clear from the ####…

  25. filipdole

    how to give away. the mod? but you had those semi-original ???? please please too.

  26. Modding is sharing. If you not share your mod with a proper explanation then nobody gonna download it. Fealandea thx for your great explanation but your low iq brain, you still think you are so smart, talking like that “It’s hard to see, I know.For those having a hard time understanding what this mod does, let me lend a hand.”is fckin childish. JUST HELP OTHER OR SHUT THE F.CK UP… i know you gonna keep talking like a #####…i know it…

    1. Faelandaea

      Nah . . . I was just pointing out that you were refusing . . . absolutely refusing . . .to read the description. And you anger and defensive posture just proves I nailed it right on. Moving on to other mods now. Cheers 🙂

  27. AmericanTrucker

    I tried this mod, I took the mod off and now I do not have any trailers. How do I get them back?

  28. How to delete SCS trailers from AI traffic? When I edit trailer_traffic_storage.sii my game crashes.

  29. Nice and cool men :)) (y)

  30. if you can make a mod to deleted traffic scs ??
    I hope you can, i wait
    Thanks satan :))

  31. scaniar440

    can i undo it?

    1. scaniar440

      i doint need to, i love this mod

  32. scaniar440


  33. Hey Satan19990 could you update this mod : [Trailer-ETS2] Deleted trailers by SCS.scs,
    for the 1.16 version it give Maps traffic troubles and i like to use it so much, please.

  34. deineMudda

    a version which delete the Promods trailers would b e great too 🙂

  35. can you please update this to remove the extra trailers they just added in the Scandinavian DLC??? Thanks!

  36. Guyz, i have a problem in the singleplayer Version 1.20.1s
    I drive my truck trailer, but if i am on the highway or some place else i dont see anytruck with a trailer i have input (mod).can some one help me out here?
    Greetz Bear

  37. Great mod and look guys this mod its most ocmmented on ETS2.LT … no more to say …. hahahah really ..

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