deTbiT Bus Terminal Mod – YKS Turkey Map Addon

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You can use YKS Team Turkey map with deTbiT Terminal Mod.

– 11 Bus Terminals added to cities below
Gence, Begrade, Aydin, Sofia, Region Dobjo, Girne, Yevlax, Baku, Zagreb, Mardin, Karaman

– 24 Bus Stops addet to cities below
Mugla, Ankara, Adiyaman, Sarajevo, Kutaisi, Tbilisi, Izmir, Slavonski, Canakkale, Konya, Nis, Balikesir, Aksaray, Denizli, Usak, Corum, Afyon, Antalya, Bursa, Mersin, Batumi, Sakarya, K.Maras, Lefkosa

For Terminal Mod visit and learn how is it works!



7 Responses to deTbiT Bus Terminal Mod – YKS Turkey Map Addon

  1. bogdac says:

    Great mod thank you. Is there any chance that you can do an add on for the new EAA bus map when it comes out?

    • deTbiT says:

      Thank you. EAA bus map is already a “bus map”. It might conflict between of them. May be I can make an addon for normal EAA map.

      • bogdac says:

        It would be great if you could do that, although I realize it is a huge map and would take a lot of work.

  2. Mai says:

    Wow map, excellent work. Is there any future work for ats 1.32 I luv driving busses in that map can relate to it very much. Thnx

    • deTbiT says:

      I playing ATS too but not much like ETS2. If you give me a list of some buses which working on ATS, then I can work on it too.

      • Mai says:

        Hi. Will giv u full list as soon as i test sme mods. 1 is e marcopolo g6 1.32. Then g7 1200 modshop, irizar i8 & scania touring both by tietzo nid fixes for 1.32 coz they ar in 1.31 but played but not wel in 1.32 beta. 4m i try fixing but i end up lost. Yo work is mch appreciated

  3. nika says:

    tbiliseli var <3<3

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