Detroit Diesel 8V92 engine sound


For Kenworth W900A

Here’s my Detroit Diesel 8V92 sound mod for the W900A.

The truck isn’t from me, ONLY the sound…




22 thoughts on “Detroit Diesel 8V92 engine sound


    1. have you ever heard one of these trucks with open pipes. they make this kind of noise. I have never heard a rea lamerican truck but those scania 142m V8 open pipe trucks sound the same

  2. wow almost sounds like you’re in a race car :p

  3. With this mod I can´t see the driver mirrors as before.

    1. Yeh, it appears Kriechbaum changed the mirror definitions.

      If you have the original W900A mod just copy the “interior_ken_w900.sii” file from def\camera\units

      1. *camera definitons

  4. this just made me smile – nicely done !!

  5. The reason why it sounds so much like a race car is because some of the Detroit diesels rev to 3500rpm

    1. And of course they’re a two-stroke diesel

  6. Now thats what im talkin about!. How about a race aginst the k-100 and see who gets pulled over for excessive noise.HAHA.Keep im commin and i’ll try to eat during load changes!! Those who hate the noise watch the video with the volume off!. Great job and waitin for more. Thanks again.

  7. Chrisknowseverything

    now thats what i love GREAT JOB! well i love older detriots i hope someone will make a ford L9000 then a 318 screaming detroit that would be great!!! A++

  8. kriechbaum

    Thanks !

    and here’s a video for the ignorants :

    The detroit diesel sound is really special and has unic sonority, some like others not. i tried to make mine as realist as possible. it’s my first try… 🙂

  9. Oh my god, and again this absolutely ###### whistling sound of gear changing. Do you guys have a common sense at all? When you hear this ugly screaming totally out of place sound, don’t you feel that something is annoying? No? Dislike.

    1. It’s not the sound of gear changing. It only does it on gear changes because that’s the only time it can be simulated with the sound engine of ETS2.

      Go drive some turbocharged american trucks or at least watch some videos before commenting on things you have no knowledge of.

  10. my friend owns a custom 1968 Freightliner with a Detroit 318 2 stroke that has both turbocharger and supercharger with very large open pipes and it sounds real close to this sound mod, but much louder and deeper, but you cannot hear his turbo or supercharger over the exhaust pipe noise, so please get rid of that.
    he drives up and down Interstate 5 from Seattle Washington to San Diego California and does not get pulled over for the pipes.

    1. kriechbaum

      Hi all,

      Thanks for analysis and constructive criticism. Except for Stmalk, that has not the knowledge to respond, and always spend his time to speak for nothing. So this answer, isn’t for him.

      Yes “Ja” it’s the game limits, we can only hear that kind of sound when you change the gear, and not when you release the gas pedal after charging your engine. That’s why there’s a little lag between the gas release and when the sound comes.

      And Jay, thank you for your point of view, and, yes, after watching many videos, the turbo sound is really hard to hear on detroit diesel’s engines. I’ll will make that turbo sound again a little more lower in a next release.

      1. the last update 1.6.0 changed the sound of the whistle, but the rest is ok

  11. TruckerBoB

    Exactly guy’s

    8″ or 9 ” straight open pipes are #### loud, and it’s NOT simply just to make a noise or create a nuisance.

    it’s so EVERYONE can hear the truck coming and get out of the #### way. also having those pipes attenuates the sound of the jakes too.

    the whistling gear changes are probably the only part that need a little more work. as they sound somewhat odd being the exact same level of noise and length for each change ( perhaps a somewhat softer whistle for the gear changes may help an otherwise #### GOOD MOD ) … however I do realise this is only a SIM truck game ,,,so NOT everything is possible..

    Cheers y’all
    Trucker Bob

  12. hmm wont work on my w900a any suggestions?

    1. kriechbaum

      Hi Bob

      My mod includes the truck + the sound.
      If you have another W900A in your mod folder, that will never work.

      Just use my mod, all is READY 🙂

      And here’s the version 2 :

      See u.

  13. The truck needs more accessories, great sound and mod. The first version was the best. The rest of versions of this truck arent good.

  14. This version is the best, the truck needs more accessories.

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