Detroit Diesel engine sound for Kenworth W900A


Hi all
Finally updated my Detroit diesel sound mod for the W900A.

All sound files are new, i added a 760 hps engine, a 18 speeds gear
box, wipers sound is synchronized now.




7 thoughts on “Detroit Diesel engine sound for Kenworth W900A

  1. As excellent as your other sound mods. Thank you. Please, can you also build a stronger engine for the Kenworth W900L. The sound is great, but 625 hp for heavy haul is poor.

    1. Yes i agree would like to see that +1

  2. Scania and Volvo lovers learn to drive the big ones! American truck simulator is on its way, prepare and train now to navigate The largest 18 wheelers made. The wiper being synchronized and the -thump- being gone make driving inclement rain or snow for long periods much more enjoyable.
    Those simmers with subwoofers on the sim will be finding it a good experience. This mod has been tested on my computer and works extremely well, I have multiple american big rigs on my sim and find it hard to go back to European trucks for driving
    The sounds are done extremely well Job well done Kriechbaum. Keep them Commin.

  3. S U P E R, einfach nur Genial, Danke.

  4. hey can you make me a sound mod for any truck that’s sounds like a 6.0 or 7.3 powerstroke

  5. kriechbaum

    Hi all,


    And Brooke, it’s not in my projects now, later may be…
    If you search a little bite, there’s already a 12V71 sound mod for the game, that isn’t so bad. Sounds pretty nice.

    See u.

  6. Fulltilt503

    Video of truck and sound mod:

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