DHL Krone Gigaliner


DHL Krone Gigaliner Semi Trailer

Author: satan19990


10 Responses to DHL Krone Gigaliner

  1. Mak-Kyver says:

    this cant work.. im 150% sure that 2nd trailer wont turn.. but i may be wrong too.

    • Timme says:

      My thoughts. Would really be a miracle if more than one rotary axis would at once be in ETS2. đŸ˜›

  2. Freddy Jimmink says:

    The 2nd trailer is maybe working like a bdf trailer, but what is bugging me is:

    There is no information what and how to install and what it replaces

  3. steve says:

    This is just one very long fixed trailer. Does not articulate in the middle.

    Way to give people false hope about multiple trailers.

    • Freddy Jimmink says:

      That is the whole point every mod people make is to give hope, but never satisfied ey?

      And Steve if You know so well when do we see a good mod from You hmm??

      • steve says:

        Actually Freddy, I do mod, but I choose not to release it here as this is where people hack work. I release work for the VTC I work for, and also do some mods for ProMods as well.

      • anti-freddy says:

        Again Freddy is agressive … poor guy !

    • bonjovi says:

      Hey Steve, have you tried it or you are just guessing?

  4. AJ Quartermaine says:

    Hi, i know the second trailer can not move around because there is no code in ETS2 but can you go in your self and make it so both trailers can move freely or is that not possible? OK thank you.

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