Dirty Trailer

Dirty-Trailer-1 Dirty-Trailer-2

Dirty Trailer Skin

Author: Stagg


10 thoughts on “Dirty Trailer

  1. jebač ne bira

    Is it standalone?

  2. Hello! 🙂
    What Graphic Mod are you using??

  3. Standalone, if not what trailer does it skin?

  4. Fh16 2012? (new)

  5. How calls that map?

    1. Think it is the Hungary map.

  6. Holm is a mod Late autumn / early spring to Ropasiak.

  7. Hello, tell me, where you can take such wheels as on the track

  8. therapide

    Awesome skin, can you upload only dirt layer for gimp or photoshop or make standart companies ##### skins?

  9. Bobi27015

    Hey dude, can you send me link of the dirt texture?

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