Dispatcher V1.23


Dispatcher for version 1.23x.
Tested: 1.23x

Author: Samo


8 thoughts on “Dispatcher V1.23

  1. Report

    1. Why??

      1. Original mod https://ets2.lt/en/dispatcher-v1-23/

        Author Тимур

      2. Original mod ets2.lt/en/dispatcher-v1-23

        Author Тимур

        1. nerowskyyMonster

          Thats not 2,8 mb , thats 1

          1. you ######

        2. EvgenKo423

          Original mods are these:
          and they shouldn’t be distributed with Timur’s modification of Dispatcher mod, not only because they don’t belong to him, but also because it is not what you want when downloading a mod called “Dispatcher”!!!

  2. This is fake, it’s ripped off from Author Тимур, booooooooooo.

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