Display-Volvo FH 2012 V2.1


Display-Volvo FH 2012 by kuba141(modified by NaOm)V2.1

Some improvements in color, new emblem on the steering wheel and the control display. I hope you enjoy. please respect download link.

SCS, Moders Team Poland, kuba141,NaOm


7 thoughts on “Display-Volvo FH 2012 V2.1

  1. Real volvo dont have this red finish, and only the dashbord its green

    1. nobody said it was the real dashboard or inside, but if you want you can make one

  2. I think that when people make something its to improve to better one

    1. but sometimes people may not want to do better but different.

  3. super mods et très beau serait il possible en bleu et encore un grand mercie


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