DKJ Transport Skin for Krone Jumbo 4 Axle

I make skin for Krone Jumbo 4 Axle with quality.

* Work for 1.27
* 2 Variants of Liftaxle
* with Advanced Trailer Coupling
* krone jumbo in ai traffic

Roadhunter, Mr_Zer,Zilpzalp,Gordon Gekko, SchwarzLich, mann400, Chola97


6 thoughts on “DKJ Transport Skin for Krone Jumbo 4 Axle

  1. Yes!! Thank you very much! :-))

    1. No problem mate, enjoy 😀

  2. Stickiestickie

    Do you have a 3 axle version of this trailer to?

    1. No, just 4 for now.

  3. ramocharly

    Now all we need is Wiiliam de Zeuws Truckskin. Can be seen on his FB :

  4. VolvoFreak


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