DLC Cabin for Scania T from RJL

DLC cabin pack for Scania T from RJL
DLC support:
Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack
Cabin Accessories
National Window Flags
Made in ets studio version 1.27.x and 1.28.x
Please observe the original mod



5 thoughts on “DLC Cabin for Scania T from RJL

  1. Piratxxx11

    Scania T od RJL normál podporuje DLc 🙂 RJL má mod na podporu přímo u sebe…;) zbytečný pokus.

  2. Piratxxx11

    See 🙂 some to 1.28 😉

  3. The Angel of my life

    Can you do cabin acesories dlc for scania R & Streamline by Rjl

    1. If you have the DLC, you have only to put in the Mod from RJL, which is delivered with his Scania Mods…

  4. pas de maj 1.35

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