DLC Special Transport in SCS Cargo System

ETS2 1.30.x.x + DLC Scandinavia / DLC France / DLC Italia / DLC Special Transport

You need the DLC Spezial Transport

The DLC Special Transport in SCS Cargo System

With this Mod you have longer Route with the DLC Special Transport Cargos, but no Escort

Version 1

Drive careful

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Don´t upload this file on other hoster.

Roadhunter, SCS


6 thoughts on “DLC Special Transport in SCS Cargo System


    how to return the ######?

  2. scania_dragon

    why withou escorts ? What did I win ?

    1. With this mod, you can drive the Special Cargoes everyvery, like they would be “normal” cargoes. To adapt the escorts to every possible route would be way too much work…

      1. Chances of successfully delivering the cargo on random routes are slim to none . the reason there is limited routes for special transport is because of clearance issues … ran into 2 bridges same height as the cargo and 1 on ramp with guard rails the exact same width as the staircase .. yet to find an actual route from this mod that can clear the bridges with the silo, condenser and staircase

  3. ChristianO5


  4. what a shame you need the special cargo dlc would of loved to try this out

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