Doll Vario 3 Axle Trailer with new Backlight and in Traffic v 4.0


ETS2 1.23.xx + DLC Scandinavia

Doll Vario 3Achs with new backlight and in traffic v4.0

19 Standalone Trailer
7 Trailer in Ai Traffic
Cargo : Weihnachts Geschenke Weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Leerruecktransport Doll 3Achs Weight : 4 tons traffic
Cargo : Regenueberlaufbecken Fuchs Weight : 25 tons
Cargo : Generator Alt Weight : 25 tons traffic
Cargo : Leerruecktransport mit Liftachs Weight : 5 tons
Cargo : Platmaker Transport Weight : 18 tons traffic
Cargo : Yacht Transport Weight : 15 tons
Cargo : WKA Generatorfundament Weight : 20 tons
Cargo : ENO Maschinenhaus Leer Weight : 18 tons
Cargo : Caterpilar D7H Weight : 25 tons
Cargo : Ulferts BF3 Ruecktransport Weight : 4 tons
Cargo : Caterpillar 980H Weight : 30 tons
Cargo : John Deere 9630 Weight : 19 tons
Cargo : Gabelstapler Komatsu Weight : 10 tons traffic
Cargo : Krone BigPack 1290XC/HDP Weight : 16 tons traffic
Cargo : Wind Turbinen Teile Weight : 28 tons traffic
Cargo : Turm Halbschale 1 Weight : 34 tons
Cargo : Turm Halbschale 2 Weight : 28 tons
Cargo : Turm Halbschale 3 Weight : 24 tons traffic

Doll Vario by Roadhunter
Cargos by Roadhunter and SCS and other
Wheels by Ventures

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It is permissible to offer this mod with the link linked by me in other forums.
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It is allowed to change this trailer for private purposes equip with charge.

Translation with Google

Authors: Roadhunter and many more


6 thoughts on “Doll Vario 3 Axle Trailer with new Backlight and in Traffic v 4.0

  1. Error name icon in manifest file. Not “icon: “Roadhunter.jpg”
    Correct name “roadhunter.jpg”

  2. Roadhunter

    Hello Thanks for Info…

    in my Game there is no error, so i didn´t see it.

  3. Can you make it for v1.22 ?

  4. can you make it for v1.22

  5. Roadhunter

    try it on 1.22.x.x

  6. thanks roadhunter it works ok for me on 1.23

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