Doll Vario 4Axis with Caterpillar 257M


Doll Vario by Roadhunter
Wheels by ???
Edit with new Cargo by Scania730Fahrer (Jan)
Caterpillar konvert by Scania730Fahrer (Jan)
Caterpillar Modell by azlyirnizam
Texture edit by Scania730Fahrer (Jan)

Trailer is Standalone with own cargo

Cargo : “Caterpillar 257 M”

weight: 45 tons

It is not allowed to upload this mod to other hosters.
It is permissible to offer this mod with the link linked by me in other forums.

Filehoster :

It is not allowed to change this trailer must be equipped with charge and then to
Download offer.
It is allowed to change this trailer for private purposes equip with charge.

Translation with Google

Es ist nicht erlaubt diesen Mod auf einen anderen Hoster zu Uploaden.
Es ist nur erlaubt diesen Mod mit dem von mir zur verfügung gegebenen Link in anderen Foren

Es ist nicht erlaubt, den Doll Tieflader mit anderen Ladung zu versehen und zum DL anzubieten.
Es ist erlaubt, den Doll Tieflader für Private zwecke umzubauen, und mit neuer Ladung auszurüsten.
Don´t like…don´t use…

Roadhunter, Scania730Fahrer, azlyirnizam


15 thoughts on “Doll Vario 4Axis with Caterpillar 257M

  1. Off course you know that should be a few times bigger and heavier?

  2. Roadhunter

    Yes, we know … but it is also good

  3. Oh yes this is fantastic thanks guys got all your trailers all working fine thankyou for yet another great trailer

  4. phillip ######

    are you crazy man!!!!!!!!!
    its so heavy
    bigger than other

  5. Thank you Guys

  6. When I google “Caterpillar 257M” I can’t find anything about it?

  7. it wont let me extract it? (i use winRar) it just shows the picture and the ‘read me’

  8. tyrannix2342

    Caterpillar 257m is a small front loader hahhahaha!!!!!What is on a trailer!!!His name is Caterpillar 797F or 797B!!!!!!!It weighs 214 tons!!!Tipper is transported in parts!!!

    1. you r right.

      I think it is better rename to 797F (diminished) ‘for those who like’, but still is better make real model of cargo 🙂

      use fake name is not good, I think. But, as usual, is a incredible work

  9. tyrannix2342
    Link shows what CAT257M

    Totalistic fashion creators are ######!!!!!

  10. Wie sich diese Lappen, die selber nix auf die Kette kriegen an solchen Nebensächlichkeiten hochziehen….lächerlich!
    Danke @Roadhunter für wieder einmal saubere Arbeit!


      Take a look for transport Trailer is amazing

  11. small note to these people who complain its a game its not real life so you can call your mod what you like and to those who complain lets see you make a mod if you can and stop complaining about others and like it says if you don’t like it don’t use it ok rant over

  12. erick2746

    hola amigo como utilizo este mod no me sale en la vercion 1.10

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