Doll Vario 4axis with Wirtgen Willing Machine


DOLL VARIO 4Axis with Wirtgen Willing Machine Version 2

new beacons
some edits

Trailer is Standalone with own cargo
Cargo : “Wirtgen Kaltfraese W2100”
weight: 37 tons

Roadhunter, Borsalino88


10 thoughts on “Doll Vario 4axis with Wirtgen Willing Machine

  1. awesome

  2. Merci 🙂 Comme tous les autres Doll !!!!

  3. Merci !!!!

  4. Does not work whit 1.10.1

  5. thanks roadhunter best trailers ever from you…. works perfektly on 1.10.1 i use all your trailermods.. be perfekt

  6. Carsten kan your help me?

  7. Valentino

    Thans for the 2 beacon’s

  8. coolawesomedude4

    Roadhunter or Borsalino88 can you make a Trailer Pack of all the Heavy Trailers You made? It would awesome of you do.

  9. sweat heavy haul load . looks awsome man. thanks for the release. just throwing it out there. what about a 5 axel with road paver n 2 rollers?!!! just saying. idea maybe????

  10. doesnt work for me on 1.11 neither it works on 1.10.19s how can i fix it?

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