Dong Feng + Interior v 1.2

Dong-Feng-Interior-v-1.2-1 Dong-Feng-Interior-v-1.2-2

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New in v 1.2 version:
– Added Persian plate
– Set the Hook 3 chassis
– Fix the glass
– Set the shadow
– Set some guards and on all cabs
– Adjust the height
– Changing the company name

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Authors: hamd30, parsa.scs, mehdig, musave_1376, mohammad_92, b!bak


5 thoughts on “Dong Feng + Interior v 1.2

  1. interior from DAF…
    but the truck looks interesting

  2. Video with the truck !
    Tested on version

  3. stand alone? on traffic?

  4. i,m b!bak !
    this Interior no made by hempam group !
    real Interior is modeling
    dong feng v.2 +Interior and mack r600 + Interior
    cooming soon from hempam group !
    surry i can not speck english very well !

  5. Sohail.Atai

    Hello dear friend.’s A question I wanted to know who are you that this fashion with version 1.2 you have taken out and honor members of the group?

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