Dongfeng DFL 3251

Dongfeng-DFL-3251-1 Dongfeng-DFL-3251-2

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Standalone Dongfeng DFL 3251 Truck with own wheels, sounds, little tuning, 2 chassis and few types of interior, fully AO baked
Find in DAF Truck dealer
Tested 1.11 version

Author: Sanek Sentyakov

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11 thoughts on “Dongfeng DFL 3251

  1. Crash on version 1.11.1s !

  2. EddSteelSeries short presentation

  3. tyrannix2342

    Interior and dashboard, in line with the real counterpart:)Nice model and well made:)

  4. pefect mod….
    nice dong feng 🙂

  5. version 1.10x, can this mod running?

  6. where DAF dealer?

  7. #1Rednecktrucker

    Ni hao kai lan and xie xie for the DongFeng truck.

  8. god of trucks, SCANIA

    Bog,errors,finishicgbjbcxxssd plzxxxx


    Hello, the author I am a European truck simulation 2 lovers can communicate with you about the dongfeng tianlong this truck? Would you please leave your email address so that communication。

  10. 1.27+REVIEW



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