Dongfeng Flagship 1.34.x

YouTube preview

– Lightmasks
– Paintable
– Cabin DLC
– 1 cabin
– Wheels
– Sound
– Tunning
– Template



14 thoughts on “Dongfeng Flagship 1.34.x

  1. erdalvelioglu

    test horn wonderful 😀

  2. This Comment concerned all this last Trucks from China.
    – Your Language should be English in a Mod 😉
    – Where are the Templates? Not one is in your Archives 🙁

    My Way this Morning: Load, Try, Delete…

    1. Stfu and kill yourself already!

      1. Poor Kid, you have no other way to respond ?
        You make me laughing, not more… hahaha

    2. Yup, its moronic. If you going to publish a mod for the community, do it in english for the love of god. Its ######. But what can you expect…

  3. ChrisMaximus

    ETS2 v1.34 I Mod ▶️ Dongfeng Flagship

  4. it does not work

  5. JGaming HD

    HD video 1.34…

    1. As I can hear, there are some pneumatic conduits issues on this truck

      1. Yes, the technology is not mature

  6. Bodyguardxp

    DongFeng FlagShip, Euro Truck Simulator 2 [1.34],

  7. Terrible mod. Tons of errors. Terrible optimization. Languaje is NOT english lol. I could go on. Dont download.

  8. This guy keeps uploading china mods without even optimizing em or fixing all those errors and changing the languaje to english… dude, stop please. Just leave the modding community or mod for yourself, dont upload anything. Its embarrasing and ######.

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