Double Trailers in all Companies Across Europe v 3.0

Double trailers are available in all companies across Europe. Not only in Scandinavia.
Works on any maps.
For ETS2 version 1.31.x

Version 3.0 – mod adapted for patch 1.31.x

SCS Software, DutchMan


5 Responses to Double Trailers in all Companies Across Europe v 3.0

  1. Edivad says:

    Attention: .7z file. You should convert it into .zip or .scs. Thanks!

    • Eu Driver says:

      Atention?? 😀 😀 Please, dont tell this.. game support zip, and RAR files, RIGHT? Really boy, really. Learh how game work, not tell lie.

      • Edivad says:

        .7z = .rar? Wow, it’s a great good news……Thank You Very Very Much….. Mod Manager doesn’t read .7z files…

  2. Jimaras says:

    This mod for me is the best. I use this at all trucks!???????

  3. Eu Driver says:

    and only one-this trailers not drive to full Europe, only some state.

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