Double Trailers in all Companies Across Europe

Now double trailers are available in all companies across Europe. Not only in Scandinavia.
Works on any maps.
For ETS2 version 1.28.x beta only!!!

SCS Software, DutchMan

DOWNLOAD 76 KB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 76 KB [Uploadfiles]

6 thoughts on “Double Trailers in all Companies Across Europe

  1. Hello,
    The mod does not work

  2. Polishdrivertruck

    why in all companies?? its not real!!

    1. You must not use this mod if you don’t wanna have it in this way..

  3. thank you for this mod i was hoping someone was gonna make it

  4. спасибо большое автор) думал уже Скандинавию покупать

  5. luis edaurdo

    queor a dlz

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