Double Trailers Pack

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In this file you have:
– All my double trailers
– You can find the all over the EU (for the people which don’t have Scandinavia DLC)
– All trailers are white with no company paintjob
P.S: You need to activate only one trailer in order to work, DON’T activate all trailers in the same time!



25 thoughts on “Double Trailers Pack

  1. DT Gaming

    Triple pivot point did you make it yourself?

    1. OveRTRucK

      Yes, this mod was ready since ATS got updated with pivot system!

      1. DT Gaming

        Could you tell me how to make it, please?

  2. the double semi trailer barely shows up in my job list, sadly.

  3. gaming NL

    Does this mod also work in 1.27?

  4. Please. Do regular size krone courtain two axle trailer. Cut out krone progi liner to 18palets size.

  5. Smer4iTornado

    на 1.27 пойдет или нет ?

    1. hey, i am not russian guy but i understan you.
      i have 1.27 too and it doesn´t work

  6. Please make a mod so the dolly giga liner shows up in all companys in Scandinavia dlc+France;)

    1. OveRTRucK

      Inside the .rar file you have a file name Doubles all the EU, put this mod on the top of your mods list 😉

      1. Thanks mate;) but there are 2 og them, witch One do i have to put in?

        1. OveRTRucK

          The one which have about 80kb

        2. witch? hahahahaaa
          Nice mod, owner!

      2. hi,
        let me introduce myself,
        im Tobias, and from the netherlands, i play ets2 too and make skins, but i was wondering how can i put my skins on this trailer?
        very nice mod btw:)

  7. luis jesus


  8. dose this mod work for 1.27?

  9. hi overtruck, is it possible to add 3 trailers?

  10. jesus christ


  11. which one is 2x trailer with dolly for all EU company?

  12. You can do the sign LONG LKW or LONG VEHICLE
    I greet you

  13. Stand alone or replacer?

  14. Watch my Double Trailers video in HD –

  15. trailer dolly replace trailer double,please a convert to stand alone trailer

  16. Guys… i tried to install the map mods but they don’t work… i was wondering if i can download the game with the map mods pre-installed?….

  17. road train

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