Double Trailers Pack

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In this file you have:
– All my double trailers
– You can find the all over the EU (for the people which don’t have Scandinavia DLC)
– All trailers are white with no company paintjob
P.S: You need to activate only one trailer in order to work, DON’T activate all trailers in the same time!



25 Responses to Double Trailers Pack

  1. DT Gaming says:

    Triple pivot point did you make it yourself?

  2. wtf says:

    the double semi trailer barely shows up in my job list, sadly.

  3. gaming NL says:

    Does this mod also work in 1.27?

  4. KrokuPl says:

    Please. Do regular size krone courtain two axle trailer. Cut out krone progi liner to 18palets size.

  5. Smer4iTornado says:

    на 1.27 пойдет или нет ?

    • JuDaN says:

      hey, i am not russian guy but i understan you.
      i have 1.27 too and it doesn´t work

  6. Flemming says:

    Please make a mod so the dolly giga liner shows up in all companys in Scandinavia dlc+France;)

    • OveRTRucK says:

      Inside the .rar file you have a file name Doubles all the EU, put this mod on the top of your mods list 😉

      • Flemming says:

        Thanks mate;) but there are 2 og them, witch One do i have to put in?

      • Tobiasb says:

        let me introduce myself,
        im Tobias, and from the netherlands, i play ets2 too and make skins, but i was wondering how can i put my skins on this trailer?
        very nice mod btw:)

  7. luis jesus says:


  8. maus says:

    dose this mod work for 1.27?

  9. someone says:

    hi overtruck, is it possible to add 3 trailers?

  10. jesus christ says:


  11. me says:

    which one is 2x trailer with dolly for all EU company?

  12. FOX 1909 says:

    You can do the sign LONG LKW or LONG VEHICLE
    I greet you

  13. Armor says:

    Stand alone or replacer?

  14. viso2k says:

    Watch my Double Trailers video in HD –

  15. sorin says:

    trailer dolly replace trailer double,please a convert to stand alone trailer

  16. Lesika says:

    Guys… i tried to install the map mods but they don’t work… i was wondering if i can download the game with the map mods pre-installed?….

  17. konrad says:

    road train

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